The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Aemulor I hadn't seen that they'd migrated to Qt - interesting. And the sources are now in a Mercurial repository so it's good news all round. Aemulor FWIW, there's a new port of RPCEmu to RISC OS, mostly thanks to RPCEmu migrating from Allegro to Qt (and there being a pre-existing RISC OS port of Qt). Lots of polish & optimisation required, but the sources are available. Aemulor I doubt it. I still don't see how it was ever supposed to run 26-bit software, that's all. !OBrowse reviewed Looked at this and thought where are the links to get this?... Aemulor Does RISC OS 5 even run on it? In theory, it faithfully emulated an IOMD machine, but ISTR that back then RISC OS 4 needed quite a few changes to run properly...and then there is the "bootstrap" problem having 26bit filing system modules that won't run on RISC OS 5... Aemulor Yes, theoretically the code still supports it, and I do have an A9home, but I haven't built/tested the code for that code in years and I decided to omit it for simplicity. I'll add a note to the website to that effect, should anyone really want a copy. It was never feature-complete on the A9home due to the rather immature nature of the OS port. Aemulor Many thanks for your efforts! Aemulor Right, They should all be here. Elesar quicks dispels stormy clouds May I echo the praise of Elesar, not only re the quick fix of CloudFS which I also rely on, but generally: they have always been prompt, helpful and attentive to all queries and issues, big or small; in fact, exemplary! RISC OS London Show 2017 - Notes from the talks The equipment was all setup at the back so I would hope the videos will be released in sure course. The standard was really good and there is a nice mix of old favourites, a returning regular and some new faces.