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The Icon Bar: General: Graphics output failing on A3010
  Graphics output failing on A3010
  robert32 (14:51 17/5/2015)
  CJE (10:48 18/5/2015)
Rob Curry Message #123651, posted by robert32 at 14:51, 17/5/2015
Posts: 5
Hi there,

My A3010's graphic output is failing. I am just receiving a distorted signal. Tried a range of different monitors and the TV output and getting no joy.

I've dismantled the machine and found the battery has leaked and since dried. This doesn't seem to have a caused much damage in terms of where it has leaked, but there was also a lot of dust build-up around the circuit boards and chips.

Could something be shorting out the graphics processors? I've had a look at the VGA output and this appears well soldered in with no sign of damage.

I can upload a few pics to Flickr if it helps.

Any help on how to solve the issue would be massively appreciated.


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Chris Evans Message #123652, posted by CJE at 10:48, 18/5/2015, in reply to message #123651
CJE Micros chap
Posts: 198
Have you done a power on delete?
An SVGA CRT should give a display after a power on delete.
Many most LCD's require:
*con.sync 0
A TV will require *con. monitortype X
Finding what X is is left as a task for the reader.
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The Icon Bar: General: Graphics output failing on A3010