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The Icon Bar: General: Acorn 3000 - the problem with starting
  Acorn 3000 - the problem with starting
  bachoo (22:36 30/5/2015)
  qUE (14:38 31/5/2015)
Sebastian Stecewicz Message #123656, posted by bachoo at 22:36, 30/5/2015
Posts: 1
Welcome everybody,
it's my first post. I'm an owner of A3000. Last time my computer had an accident - it fell down unhappy
Now while trying to start bips once and stops at the white screen. Any combination of keys (F10 , * F R DEL etc.) doesen't help. Please help me!
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qUE Message #123658, posted by qUE at 14:38, 31/5/2015, in reply to message #123656

Posts: 169
You'll have to open the case and take a look at the motherboard. Look at the bottom left, you should see a circular battery, if the legs on the components surrounding it are green, it's bad news I'm afraid the battery has leaked (an unfortunate design flaw of the A3000). It'll take a lot of work to fix it, but it can be fixed (someone on this forum rebuilt that part of the board, so it's possible).
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The Icon Bar: General: Acorn 3000 - the problem with starting