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The Icon Bar: General: RO3 Linux Networking
  RO3 Linux Networking
  cowboystyle (16:07 26/6/2015)
David James Lennon Message #123672, posted by cowboystyle at 16:07, 26/6/2015
Posts: 7
I'm also hooking up my A3010 to the net using the serial port to a Raspberry Pi and TCP/IP sharing...

On a file serving side - are there any benefits of Sunfish over Omniclient? particularly with speed? The Pi is going to host an NFS share - over RS232 it's gonna be super slow but mainly for sending disk images from my Mac to something the Acorn can access easily rather than digging my usb floppy drive out all the time.

Sticking with Linux on the Pi rather than RISC OS Open for a more traditional acorn networking solution as my BBC B is also being hooked up to it for Internet access and Twitter via Terminal emulation.
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The Icon Bar: General: RO3 Linux Networking