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The Icon Bar: General: !Zap
  Cauchy (14:35 27/6/2015)
  arawnsley (17:30 27/6/2015)
John O'Meara Message #123674, posted by Cauchy at 14:35, 27/6/2015
Posts: 38
Hi all,

I have an Iyonix OS 5.18 on which I am looking to obtain the application !Zap for it. The !Zap version I can find on the internet is not 32 bit compatible. I accidently deleted some parts of the original !Zap that was on my computer. I am just hoping that someone here may know where to find a 32 bit compatible version of !zap. Thanks in advance.
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Andrew Rawnsley Message #123675, posted by arawnsley at 17:30, 27/6/2015, in reply to message #123674
R-Comp chap
Posts: 470
If you download our !Store application (free) from http://www.plingstore.org.uk/ you'll find Zap (also free) in a 32bit/ARMv7 safe edition available for download in the catalogue.

Otherwise, I believe it is a case of piecing things together - most recent updates were by Tank of Tank Stage Lighting I believe.
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The Icon Bar: General: !Zap